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Aminoxy Acid-Based Molecules as Anti-Cancer Stem Cell Agents

Aminoxy Acid-Based Molecules as Anti-Cancer Stem Cell Agents
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Key Problem and Market Opportunity

Cancer stem cells (CSCs), considered as the “seeds” of cancer. Although CSCs are rare cells within a tumor (approximately 1% within the bulk tumor mass), the frequent failure in trying to treat advanced cancers using the current standard of care therapies has been attributed to the presence of CSCs as these cells actively resist all methods of treatment, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Key Advantages of the Technology

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mean ± SEM, n = 4 mice per group, **p < 0.01

The current invention can increase K+/H+ flux on the mitochondrial and lysosomal membranes which disrupts mitochondrial and lysosomal functions leading to apoptosis. It is reported that some CSCs have higher dependence on oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) in mitochondria for energy production (in contrast, cancer cells favour the glycolysis pathway for metabolism). As a result, this kind of CSCs are more sensitive toward mitochondrial stress induced by current invention.

The compound candidates can reduce the tumor-forming ability of ovarian CSCs in mice (in contrast, paclitaxol may induce more ovarian CSCs at certain concentration).

mean ± SEM, n = 4 mice per group, **p < 0.01

Potential Product and Services

  • Drugs for anti-cancer stem cells, especially in ovarian and liver cancer
  • Combination chemotherapy for reducing cancer recurrence

Development Status

  • US provisional: No. 62/939,803
  • US provisional: No. 62/940,601
IP Status
  • Provisional patent

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