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創新技術 (專利發明)

An Advanced Wireless Changing System for Electric Vehicles

The use and demand for electric vehicles has been increasing globally.


A New Class of OLED – Gold(III)-Based Complexes with Tunable Emission-Colour

Expensive due to the current evaporation-based production techniques for OLEDs involve a lot of wasted materials and costly process.

Advanced Materials

New Generation of Sensors Infectious Diseases Detection

Around 14 million people were killed by Infectious diseases annually worldwide, i.e. 25% of the total death recorded. Therefore, there is high prevalence rate of infectious diseases and increased demand for rapid diagnostic techniques due to slow turnaround time of current techniques.

Advanced Materials

Novel Omniphobic Porous Membranes and Coatings

Omniphobic membranes and coatings, which are both water and oil repelling, may add desirable properties like self-cleaning, chemical shielding, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and anti-icing to important surfaces such as the blades of wind turbines

Advanced Materials

“D&P” Super Steel: a Super-Strong and Ductile Multi-phase Steel

Steel is the most widely used metallic materials which can be produced efficiently than any other metallic materials

Advanced Materials

LEDs with Monolithically-Integrated Photodetectors for In-situ Real-Time Intensity Monitoring

LED lighting is widely used nowadays. However, the degradation mechanisms of LEDs are still highly temperature-dependent. In a single LED panel, individual LEDs shows varying degradation rates.


A Consistent and Precise Fluid Dispensing Technique

The global fluid dispensing equipment market is expected to reach $10.29 billion by 20241 and Adhesive dispensing equipment revenue is expected to reach $3.40 billion by 2024


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