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Golden Age Expo & Summit 2023


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Four HKU projects were showcased at the 8th Golden Age Expo & Summit (2023) on August 11-13, 2023.


1. Game-based swallowing training for elderly

Inventor: Dr Karen Chan and her research team


2. The Technology-based family-centered empowerment transitional program for heart failure (T-Fame 戶心易)

Inventor: Prof Doris Yu and her research team


3. Evidence-based caregiver support Strategies

Inventor: Prof Vivian LOU and her research team


  • Happy Time cards
  • WeRISE manual


4. A balance sensor to test elderly balance level     

Inventor: Prof Ning XI and his research team


IP 106:专利基础课程


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Back to 活动资讯

[Webinar] MIT Insights: Industry-Sponsored Research: a Two-Tiered Model | 20 Jul, 9:30am HKT



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