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Technology Offerings (invention with patent)

Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies & Robust Cellular Immunity Elicited by DNA Motif

A DNA vaccine to induce bnAbs against HIV-1 and long term cellular immunity through the PD1 signaling pathway


A Novel, Highly Sensitive and Specific Diagnostic Assay for COVID-19

A more sensitive and more specific COVID-19 assay without cross-reactivity with human SARS-CoV


Proteins for Serological Test of COVID-19

A luciferase immunoprecipitation system to clearly distinguish between infected and healthy cases


Anti-DKK1 Monoclonal Antibody for Liver Cancer Treatment

Anti-DKK1 antibodies to inhibit cancer cell migration and reduce tumour growth

Therapeutic Biologics

Small Molecules to Treat Skeletal Disorders Caused by Integrated Stress Response

A novel approach to treat skeletal disorders using small molecules that inhibit the PERK pathway

Therapeutic Chemicals

Combination use of CD47 Antibodies/Inhibitors with Sorafenib for Liver Cancer Treatment

CD47 antibodies provide a greater sensitivity to sorafenib, suppressing tumour growth

Therapeutic Biologics

A Live Attenuated Influenza Virus Vaccine Offering Universal Protection

A new strategy for using a single influenza virus strain to induce broadly cross-reactive immune responses


Novel Vδ2-T Cells Derived Exosomes Treatment for Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Associated Cancers

Exosomes with the ability to distinguish infected B cells and to trigger both tumor cell apoptosis and stimulate anti-tumor T cell activity

Therapeutic Biologics