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HKU Startup / Spin-off Companies

HKU Startup / Spin-off Companies

Name of Startup / Spin-off Companies                                  Category Nature of Business Year of Establishment
AICity Technology Holding Limited* IT / Engineering AICity uses an innovative approach of navigation and Location Based Service 2018
Acticule Life Sciences Limited Biotechnology Novel drug discovery and clinical therapeutic development for treatment of infectious disease 2017
Appedu (Holding) LimitedAppedu (Holding) Limited* IT / Engineering A mobile app for students to ask questions and seek help from teachers and tutors 2012
Arbele (HK) Limited BiotechnologyBiotechnology Bio-informatics and biomedical products and services 2016
Bacmuno Biotechnology Ltd Biotechnology Bacteria-based immunotherapies against cancer 2017
Brain Investing Limited* IT / Engineering All-in-one Fin-tech solutions based on artificial intelligence technologies 2017
CISC LimitedCISC Limited* IT / Engineering
Provision of cyber intelligence and cyber security consulting service and solutions
Comma Technology Limited
Comma Technology Limited*
IT / Engineering An integrated pen with readers (RFID, barcode) and sensors (Temperature, humidity, infra red, ... etc) functions for logistics applications 2014
 Conzeb Limited Logo
Conzeb Limited*
Biotechnology High speed imaging for cancer diagnostics 2015
Corvidae Technology Limited* IT / Engineering Automation of industrial inspection of wind turbines and other commercial sites by drones and associating technologies 2016
CYC Motor LimitedCYC Motor Limited* IT / Engineering CYC Motor conducts research and development of electric bike products 2017

Datax LimitedDatax Limited*
IT / Engineering A digital platform built on blockchain for data exchange 2017
DigiDent AI Limited* Biotechnology DigiDent AI Technology focuses on solutions in dentistry including the design of dental prosthesis 2018
EchoX Technology Limited* IT / Engineering EchoX Technology delivers intelligent medical tools in ultrasound imaging 2018
Emerging Viral Research Limited Biotechnology Development of vaccines 2015
EN Technology Limited LogoEN Technology Limited* Biotechnology Novel encapsulation technologies for food and cosmetics industries 2016201620162016
Enzyme Design Limited* Biotechnology Design and improvement of industrial enzymes that have remarkable industrial potentials 2017
Eonzen Technology Co Ltd Logo
Eonzen Technology Company Limited*
IT / Engineering Non-invasive blood glucose monitoring 2016
Fano Labs Limited
Fano Labs Limited*
IT / Engineering Provision of AI-enabled chatbot services 2014
Farmacy HK LimitedFarmacy HK Limited* IT / Engineering Farmacy HK builds smart indoor mobile farms for supermarkets, restaurants, schools and households to farm ultra-fresh, safe and affordable crops on-site with 100% transparent and fully automated hydroponic and aeroponic technologies 2017
Flectrode Technology Limited Logo
Flectrode Technology Limited*
IT / Engineering Development of high efficient solar cell 2016
Hactis Limited Logo
Hactis Limited*
IT / Engineering Provision of Virtual Reality (VR) technology for training and education 2016

Company LogoHigh Performance Solution Limited*

IT / Engineering Thermo-electrochemical capacitor (TEC) for converting low grade wasted heat into electricity 2017
Hong Kong Unific Publishing Limited* IT / Engineering e-Textbook for primary and secondary schools 2014
Immuno Cure Limited LogoImmuno Cure Limited*
Biotechnology Development of human-PD-1 based HIV vaccines 2015
Immuno Cure 2 Limited Biotechnology Therapeutics for human inflammatory diseases and cancer 2018
ImmunoDiagnostics Limited Logo
ImmunoDiagnostics Limited*
Biotechnology Provision of immunology and diagnostic solutions 2016
InterLitho Technology Limited* IT / Engineering InterLitho uses fiber-optic interference lithography technology and its sensing applications to develop nanolithography and nanofabrication equipment 2018
IT Wake Limited IT / Engineering e-learning solution for teaching and learning 2012
Jili Technologies Limited* IT / Engineering Jili Technologies dedicates to design and manufacture of the home care services for elderly people 2018
Kin Technology Limited* IT / Engineering Kin Technology develops a smart pill dispenser and an online pill management platform 2018
L3 Bioinformatics Limited IT / Engineering Provision of bioinformatics software 2014
Lifespans Limited Logo
Lifespans Limited*
Biotechnology Medical devices with novel and innovative technologies for orthopaedics and other clinical specialties 2014
Living Tissues Company Limited LogoLiving Tissues Company Limited* Biotechnology Solving musculoskeletal problems by providing regenerative tissues for cartilage repair 2014
m-Chinese Solution Limited* IT / Engineering A mobile app for enhancing teaching and learning in Chinese and connect and supporting individual learners and experts to organize mobile consultation and learning courses 2017
Mega Whiz Education Limited* IT / Engineering Mega Whiz Education develops innovative speech and language solutions to enhance language learning in children with diverse ability 2018
Movabar Limited
Movabar Limited*
IT / EngineeringIT / EngineeringIT / EngineeringIT / Engineering Provision of on-demand wine-bar service 2016
Next Insurtech Limited* IT / Engineering Next Insurtech provides a General Insurance Sales Platform for the Asia-Pacific Markets with Distributed Ledger Technology to simplify the insurance application process 2018
Novel Sonics Limited* IT / Engineering
Novel ultrasound imaging techniques for economical, real time and invasive diagnosis of Cardiovascular diseases 2017
Novoheart Limited Logo Biotechnology Stem cell-based technologies for pharmaceutical discovery and development of novel therapeutics for heart diseases 2014
OncoSeek Limited Logo
OncoSeek Limited*
Biotechnology Isolation, use, and characterization of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for early screening of invasive cancer and subsequent therapeutic management 2014
OrthoSmart Limited Logo

OrthoSmart Limited*
Biotechnology Correction of abnormal curvatures of the spine by using specially tailored super-elastic nickel titanium rods

Ossfila Technology Limited
Ossfila Technology Limited*

Biotechnology Ossfila Technology specializes in the R&D and manufacture of novel 3D printed bone implants 2017
Passber Limited Logo
Passber Limited*
IT / Engineering A mobile social platform for managing O2O data and for building  communities 2014
Phrmasec Limited* Biotechnology PhrmaSec develops important medical solutions for the unmet needs 2018
Physight Limited* IT / Engineering Physight develops super-resolution microscopic imaging for biological and medical sciences 2018
Powerelab Limited IT / Engineering Development of electronics software and products 2003
Printact Limited Logo
Printact Limited*
IT / Engineering Provision of 3D printing tools and services 2013
QuantumFabless Limited* IT / Engineering Fast and reliable quantum mechanical modeling and simulation tools for nano-scale materials, devices and applications modelling, to accelerate the research and development, improve quality and reduce cost 2017
Regtics Limited
Regtics Limited*
IT / Engineering Regtics uses AI and big data technology to develop a compliance solution for the financial institutions 2018
Serinno Holdings Limited* Biotechnology Serinno focuse on drug screening and discovery, vaccine development, to antibody-drug conjugates 2018
SkinData Limited Logo
SkinData Limited*
Biotechnology Provision of skin-whitening products 2015
Spiral Capital Limited* IT / Engineering Spiral Capital focuses on technical development of computer software, electronic components, E-commerce 2018
Swifthon Technology Consultancy Company Limited
Swifthon Technology Consultancy Company Limited*
IT / Engineering Swifthon Technology provides loyalty system and customer relationship management solutions to entertainment activity operators, enabling them to analyse their business data 2018
Tale Limited
Tale Limited*
IT / Engineering Tale provides an A.I. driven platform for presentation coaching 2018
Vital-Health Livestock Development Limited Science Trading of Poultry 2005
Weavatools Limited* IT / Engineering Collaborative research tools that simplifies the research process for students and corporations around the world 2017
* These are HKU startup companies supported by TSSSU@HKU programme.

Last updated : 30 Jun 2019


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