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HKU dental professionals invent the "NJ Toothbrush” – A revolutionary new concept in toothbrushing


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Dr T.C. Ng, a local dentist and a designer of precision tools for space exploration, and Professor L.J. Jin, Professor of Periodontology at the Faculty of Dentistry, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) have jointly designed a toothbrush which will bring revolutionary changes to the concept of toothbrushing.

NJ Toothbrush is the only toothbrush in the world targeting all dental surfaces including those niches often unreachable. As opposed to the current mode of brushing which is random and requires 3D hand motion dexterity, the NJ tootchbrush is developed using a precise computer-mapping of six types of purpose-built bristle-bundles that target all dental surfaces and niches.

The concept is based on user coupling the toothbrush along the dental arch rail track. It is designed to going from one end of the mouth to the other end without stopping. In a short two minutes’ brushing using NJ Toothbrush, users would enable to approach major anatomical features and niches. It can therefore maximise the control of plaque biofilms and resultant oral/periodontal inflammation along with regular professional oral healthcare.

Dr Ng is an honorary associate professor of the Faculty of Dentistry, HKU. He is a local dentist and also a notable designer of precision tools for space exploration. He designed the sampling tool carried by 2003 European Space Agency Beagle 2 Mars Spacecraft landed on the red planet in 2003.

Professor Jin is Modern Dental Laboratory Professor in Clinical Dental Science (Endowed Professor) and Professor of Periodontology at the Faculty of Dentistry, HKU. Over the years, his research projects on periodontal etiopathogenesis, novel care strategy and approaches have been well funded by Hong Kong Research Grants Council.

The project is supported by HKU Technology Transfer Seed Fund and a PCT patent application has been filed for the innovation.

An introduction of the NJ Toothbrush
Presentation slides by Professor Jin.
CVs of Dr T.C.Ng and Professor L.J.Jin.

Information Session of TSSSU@HKU


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