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Universal Fracture Healing Accelerator for External Fixators

Universal Fracture Healing Accelerator for External Fixators
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Key Problem and Market Opportunity

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  • Delayed union or non-union are common in fracture healing
  • 5-10% of fractures resulted in non-union.
  • Clinically, a new way to accelerate fracture healing and to reduce non-union rate is needed
  • One of the effective means: creating weight-bearing like micromotion at the fracture site
  • This NEW ACCELERATOR can be adapted to different external fixators

Technology Overview

The new accelerator (MMU, ) speeds up fracture healing by 20%. In rodent model, clear bone formation at week 6 after operation was observed with MMU applied to external fixator .

The new accelerator can provide adjustable uniform strain at the fracture site during treatment with a feedback correction mechanism .

Stage of Development

  • Lab prototype ready
  • Require large animal study to enhance the design

Key Advantages of the Technology

  • Compact to accommodate various conditions
  • Completely computer-assisted controlled micromotion
  • Programmable personalized treatment regime
  • Enhances fracture healing by 20% in terms of time to heal
  • Variable strain can be generated to cater to individual variations

Potential Product and Services

  • An individual module to attached to different external fixator
  • Integrated component of external fixators

Development Status

  • US Provisional Application (No. 62947569)
  • PCT application in progress
IP Status
  • Patent application submitted
  • Development partner

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