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Electro-conductive & Antibacterial Material for Endodontic Treatment

Electro-conductive & Antibacterial Material for Endodontic Treatment

An antibacterial filling material with improved control of the filling process to ensure properly filled root canals

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  • The primary endodontic treatment consists of a root canal. These procedures may be performed by general dentists
  • Globally, between 50 million and 55 million root canal procedures are performed annually, with approximately 20 million performed in the U.S.
  • Complication of the procedures: infection and incomplete sealing of the root canal system due to the filling material mechanical property and radiopacity.
  • In 2014, market of dental filling materials was US$4131M. Expected market in 2019 is US$4815M.

Technology Overview

  • This technology improves the thermal conductivity of the material to have better control on filling the canal
  • It is possible to ensure the root canal is properly filled with new materials
  • Anti-bacterial material prevents new infection after treatment

Stage of Development

  • Composition defined
  • Refinement of the manufacturing process is required


New type of composite with gutta-percha.

  • New root canal treatment tool kit
  • OEM for gutta-percha distributors


  • Patents in China, USA, and Europe (Priority Date: 2016/10/06)
  • CN 201680089890.5
  • US 16/339,961
  • EP 16918132.8

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