Monoclonal mouse anti-Δ42PD1 antibody, clone CH101

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Product name Monoclonal mouse anti-Δ42PD1 antibody [clone CH101]
Description Monoclonal anti-Δ42PD1 antibody is an affinity purified mouse immunoglobulin, IgG1, which binds to Δ42PD1 protein. Δ42PD1 is a novel alternatively spliced isoform of human PD1, potentially involved in HIV-1 and tumor pathogenesis. Monoclonal anti-Δ42PD1 antibody is useful for detection of Δ42PD1 proteins by Western blot, Immunocytochemistry and Flow cytometry assays.
Purification and storage
  • Purity: The antibody was purified by protein G antibody affinity chromatography
  • Buffer: PBS
  • Size: 1mg/ml in 100ul
  • Storage: -20°C, or 4°C for short-term storage.
  • Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended.
Recommended dilutions
  • Western blot: 1:5000 - 1:10000
  • Flow Cytometry: 1:1000
Figure 1: Western blot - Anti-Δ42PD1 antibody [CH101] at different dilution
Figure 2: Flow Cytometry - Anti-Δ42PD1 antibody [CH101] at 1:1000 dilution

Prepared and Produced By

AIDS Institute
The University of Hong Kong
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For Research Use Only. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

Background reference

  1. Lin Cheng, Xian Tang, Li Liu, Jie Peng, Kenji Nishiura, Allen Ka Loon Cheung, Jia Guo, Xilin Wu, Hang Ying Tang, Minghui An, Jingying Zhou, Ka Wai Cheung, Hui Wang, Xinyuan Guan, Zhiwei Wu, and Zhiwei Chen. Monoclonal antibodies specific to human Δ42PD1: A novel immunoregulator potentially involved in HIV-1 and tumor pathogenesis. MAbs. 2015; 7(3): 620-9