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Versitech Commercialization Fund

Versitech Commercialization Fund

The Versitech Commercialization Fund (“VCF”) is a funding support scheme provided by Versitech Limited which aims to

1.    increase Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of HKU invention(s) by building prototype or acquiring results/data for commercialization and spin off.   (Please refer here for an explanation of TRL:
2.    facilitate licensing process or engagement of potential collaborators.
3.    facilitate the production of products for direct launch or sales 

The funded project must be related to HKU invention(s) that Versitech Limited has the full right to commercialize.  All faculty members whose HKU invention(s) is(are) covered by patent(s), pending patent application(s) and/or Copyright.  A project manager of Versitech Limited will be assigned to the project to monitor the progress and to provide feedback on the project development.

Amount of Award
Maximum: HK$1million

Maximum: 12 months

Progress Monitoring
•    The proposal should include milestone for monitoring the progress of the project 
•    If the project is not able to meet the milestone without valid reason, the project will be aborted and remaining budget will be returned to Versitech Limited

If you have any questions, please send email to


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