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For HKU Researchers

Technology transfer is the transfer of knowledge and discoveries to the public, typically through licensing to third parties. HKU has filed more than 1,000 patent applications for such licensing, and developed other avenues for commercialising and broadening the reach of its scholars' discoveries.

When there is a discovery or invention of potential significance to the academic, business and/or wider community, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) will work closely with the researchers concerned to identify the most appropriate strategies for technology transfer. 

TTO’s involvement includes assessing Invention Disclosure Forms, guiding researchers through the patent application process, applying for patents, marketing inventions to prospective companies/assisting in forming a new company, and overseeing license arrangements. It can assist researchers on these and many other related matters.

Researchers/inventors are encouraged to contact the TTO early in their research activities so they can be aware of the best protection and commercialisation options for their intellectual property.