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Contract research and consulting

As a comprehensive university, HKU has an extensive range of expertise that can be applied to solve problems and develop solutions for business, industry and public bodies. Our database, the HKU Scholars’ Hub, provides easy access to information about our scholars and their achievements and reputation.

A contract research/consulting project is commissioned by a company usually with specific goals in mind but that the project does not involve the generation of any new intellectual property. The deliverables of the project will rest with the company.

Contract research and consulting projects can be arranged through Versitech at the departmental, faculty and University level. These arrangements typically will outline the project objectives, deliverables and criteria for acceptance of these deliverables. The principle investigator is obliged to deliver these deliverables within an agreed schedule.

Companies can contact Versitech (email: info@versitech.hku.hk; telephone: (852) 2299 0111) for further information and see if a match exists between our staff and your projects.